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Electrical Apparatus

Electrical Apparatus

Electricity A bound or sheathed group of mutually insulated conductors.
A single cell, such as a dry cell, that produces an electric current.
An electrical relay used to control the flow of power in a circuit.
Something, such as a machine or an engine, that produces or imparts motion.
Battery for motorcycle as power.
A set of device for controlling.
A device used to control an apparatus or machine from a distance.
An external power supply for laptop computers and just about every portable or semi-portable electronic device on the market.
A kind of appliance used by electric.
Applied to high-voltage apparatus such as breaker, load switch, main ring unit and so on.
The producer of all kinds of telecommunication equipments.
The contact material is silver.
A kind of control system.
A LED hardware device (typically a transistor) that provides signals or electrical current to activate a transmission line or display screen pixel.
Control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit.
Accessories of cable or cable device.
The equipment for test.
A displayed structure bearing lettering or symbols, used to identify or advertise a place of business.
Cable accessories for cable system.
Device for control systems.
A kind of control system.
One that charges, such as an instrument that charges or replenishes storage batteries.
A flexible metal or glass wire or group of wires used in eletric.
The charging of an isolated conducting object by momentarily grounding it while a charged body is nearby.
A panel containing switches, dials, and other equipment for regulating electrical devices, lights, etc.
A device that control temperature.
An electrical quantity or effect, as current, voltage, or electromagnetic waves, that can be varied in such a way as to convey information.
A group of reversible or rechargeable secondary cells acting as a unit. Also called secondary battery.
An LED electrical system that converts AC current from the wall outlet into the DC currents required by the computer circuitry.
A device that converts any form of energy into mechanical energy, especially an internal-combustion engine or an arrangement of coils and magnets that converts electric current into mechanical power.
One that generates, especially a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Parts of cable and cable device.
Frequency speed regulation products.
Module that provides power to operate other modules.
Choosing the right battery for measurements.
Tools for cable.
Mechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it
Designed for bulk material handling equipment, conveyor cranes and hoists.
System test complex cable solutions spanning multiple cable technologies and
products to accelerate successful customer deployments and new technology.
A device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another, especially a pair of multiply wound, inductively coupled wire coils that effect such a transfer with a change in voltage, current, phase, or other electric characteristic.
A device mounted onboard an electrically powered radio control model in order to vary its drive motor's speed, its direction and even to act as a dynamic brake in certain controllers.
A display device that accepts user input by means of a touch sensitive screen.
A meter used by energy.
An optical fiber (or fibre) is a glass or plastic fiber designed to guide light
along its length.
Cable for power supply.
Suitable for any places where a larger starting torque.
Push button switch.
A device used to convert direct current into alternating current.
A conductor consisting of seven or more aluminum and galvanized steel wires built up in concentric layers, the center wire or wires are of galvanized steel and the outer layer or layers are of aluminum.
A machine that converts electric current from one kind to another. Or an electronic device that converts one frequency of a radio signal to another.
A kind of GPS equipment.
A kind of tracking system worked by GPS.
Precision casting for forming metal shapes with minutely precise details.
The same with online UPS.
(Uninterruptible Power Supply) A device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.
GPS used in car for traffic navigation.
A motor controller is a device or group of devices that serves to govern in some predetermined manner the performance of an electric motor.
A kind of control system worked by solar.
A pen with a plastic body.
One that generates, especially a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
A circuit breaker.
A generally disk-shaped fastener used to join two parts of a garment by fitting through a buttonhole or loop.
Digital video broadcasting cable.
Protective storage, as of foods or furs, in a refrigerated place.
One that generates, especially a machine set that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by diesel.
A genset (short for "generator setup") is the term used for a self-contained and dedicated electrical generatation system, usually portable or mounted on a vehicle such as a boat.
XFP footprint, duplex LC connector.
A motor that may be operated at approximately the same speed and output on either direct current or single-phase alternating current.
An electronic power supply unit (PSU) that incorporates a switching regulator-an internal control circuit that switches power transistors (such as MOSFETs) rapidly on and off in order to stabilize the output voltage or current.
An iron-core transformer having a primary winding that is connected to an alternating-current power line and one or more secondary windings that provide different alternating voltage values.
A storage battery in which the electrodes are grids of lead containing lead oxides that change in composition during charging and discharging, and the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid.
Short for online uninterruptible power system.
An opening or a cavity into which an inserted part is designed to fit.
An automatic switch that stops the flow of electric current in a suddenly overloaded or otherwise abnormally stressed electric circuit.
A circuit, device, or machine that changes an alternating current from one frequency to another, with or without a change in voltage or number of phases. Also known as frequency changer; frequency translator.
Cable for power supply, adapter.
A source of power that becomes available, usually automatically, when normal power line service fails.

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