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A piece of furniture consisting of a seat, legs, back, and often arms, designed to accommodate one person.
An instrument other than a watch for measuring or indicating time, especially a mechanical or electronic device having a numbered dial and moving hands or a digital display.
A device for hold candle.
A box made of wood material.
A tree or shrub grown by this method.
A covering of coarse fabric.
Something used to decorate.
The movable articles in a room or an establishment that make it fit for living or working.
Lighting sets situated in, or intended for use in the interior of a building.
Furniture made of wood material.
The doors for an upright, cupboardlike repository with shelves.
A plastic vessel, cylindrical with a narrow neck, no handle.
Cleaning tools or utensils.
A cylindrical vessel used for holding or carrying liquids or solid.
A fine lustrous fiber composed mainly of fibroin and produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons, especially the strong, elastic, fibrous secretion of silkworms used to make thread and fabric.
Decoation items made of wooden material.
A lamp that sits on a table, same as "table lamp".
A protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight.
A piece of furniture mainly made of metal material, holding one or more electric light bulbs, usually used as a decorative lighting.
A plastic drinking vessel.
A picture frame is a container added to a picture in order to enhance it, make it easier to display or, in some cases, to protect it.
A hollow space in a window frame for a sash weight.
A container made of interwoven material, such as rushes or twigs.
A lamp that sits on wall.
A solid, usually cylindrical mass of tallow, wax, or other fatty substance with an axially embedded wick that is burned to provide light.
A cloth case, stuffed with something soft, such as down, feathers, or foam rubber, used to cushion the head, especially during sleep.
The furniture having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item or piece of furniture or handicraft esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin.
A glass vessel containing oil or alcohol burned through a wick for illumination.
A wooden framed mirror.
An opaque fabric mounted to cover or expose a window.
A box shape acrylic container.
A machine using an electric motor to rotate thin, rigid vanes in order to move air, as for cooling.
A set of cups used for drinking tea.
A bottle used for holding water.
A boxlike container in a piece of furniture.
A small glass rack, prop, or table for holding any of various articles.
Chinese early furniture.
Something that keeps things out or hinders sight.
A coffee set ususlly includes a teapot,a sugar pot,a milk jar and several mugs.
Paper bottle used for drinking.
A light or a lamp decorated with crystal case or set with crystal ornaments.
Same as "metal light".
A metal framed mirror.
Coffee mug.
A lamp set with semiconductor diode bulb that sits on a wall.
A plastic device used in scrubbing, polishing, or painting.
A framework or stand made of metal or metal wire, in or on which to hold, hang, or display articles.
A decorative border placed upon a floor to protect it.
A Bottle used for drinking tea.
A flat, usually rectangular structure composed of wooden material, used to hold or store objects.
A framework or stand made of metal wire, in or on which to hold, hang, or display articles for household use.
A mirror enchased in a door.
Bedding set made from cotton material.
A plastic flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas.
A silver framed mirror.
An plastic bending device.
A small shelf or shelves hanging on the wall.
A recreation device in the living room.
Window adornments.
A blind for privacy or to keep out light.
A traditional chinese plate.
A stoppered bag, usually made of rubber, that is filled with hot water and applied to a part of the body for warmth.
The door for a tall cabinet built to hold clothes.
The fabric of a cushion.
Something for hanging garments.
Coffee cup.
A lamp that provides light for reading.
A glass framework or stand in or on which to hold, hang, or display various articles.
A hanger of metal that is shaped like a person's shoulders and used to hang garments on.
A artistic lamp used as a lighting decoration.
A device consisting of bristles fastened into a handle.
A covered compartment for luggage and storage, generally at the rear of an automobile.
Trash box
A bedding set with printed items on it.
A kind of basket which made of plastic.
A photo frame made of wood.
A hinged roller blind for a window.
A lamp decorated with crystal case or set with crystal ornaments.
Hotel supplies.
A can having four equal sides.
A removable covering for a pillow.
A cylindrical plastic vessel used for holding or carrying liquids or solids.
A wine drinking vessel.
Candle made of glass.
A branched, decorative lighting fixture that holds a number of bulbs or candles and is suspended from a ceiling.
Something, such as an awning or a billed cap, that is used or worn as a protection from the sun's rays.
A bottle for containing medicated liquid.
A cushion for living room decoration.
A support on a chair, that is designed to cover or support the human arm.

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